quarta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2014

Monalisa entrou na campanha Outubro Rosa. Monalisa in the campaign against breast cancer.


o assunto é realmente sério.

O câncer de mama é um dos tipos de câncer que mais mata mulheres a atinge homens também.

Compartilho com vocês essa imagem que um amigo querido me enviou.

Tudo a aver com arte, tudo a ver com cor, tudo a ver com amor. Amor-próprio!

Tchauzinho. Até +


"Like other cancers , breast cancer is associated with several risk factors , the main ones being : aging , family history of cancer and late menopause (after age 50 ) . Due to its high frequency and the psychological repercussions that entails , breast cancer is the most feared by women , since it affects the perception of sexuality and body image ( Ministry of Health / INCA , 1996) . If detected early , through self - breast exam or mammogram - procedures that should be performed regularly - breast cancer may have mitigated their effects , due to the recording of smaller primary tumors and reduced number of axillary lymph nodes invaded by tumor."

I share with you this image that a dear friend sent to me.

Related to art,  related to color, all about love. Self-love!

Bye. See you!

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